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Cleaning & Care

Instructions for use:

  • Unplug power cable of portable lights.

  • Do not clean in full sun.

  • Shake detergent well before use.

  • Do not use in cold temperatures.

  • Preliminary cleaningClean lights initially using a sponge and plenty of water. In case of stains, use a high-pressure washer.

  • DetergentFrom a distance of approximately 18", spray a thin layer onto the globe from bottom to top, or spread it evenly using a sponge.

  • Let Detergent sit for 5 - 10 min.

  • Final stepRinse globe with clear water and a high-pressure washer (from bottom to top at a distance of 8"), or rub it off using a lint-free cloth.

  • Our detergent, with its long-term sealing, our cleaning tissue and our sponge offer the best protection for your Moonlight products.

  • The detergent is fully biodegradeable.


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