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Color Filters 

Our globally patented filter system offers an attractive spectrum of 24 shades. In addition, up to 250 colors are optionally available. A wide assortment of interchangeable color filters act like sleeves over the compact fluorescent bulb. Filters turn your white Moonlight into a colorful spectacular event, matching color plans or simply setting the right mood. 

Choose from 24 different colors encompassing multiple shades of yellow, green, pink, violet, red, turquoise, blue and more.

  • Our filters are color-fast and are made of shatterproof macrolon.

  • They are available in all sizes and freely interchangeable.

  • The size of the filter depends on the output of the light bulb.




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Install the adapter ring on the socket

Install the light bulb

Place the filter on the adaptor ring and turn clockwise until it is locked in place

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