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Never Dark Safety Lighting

Moonlight NeverDark Emergency Lights

Hardly distinguishable from the standard design, yet with a crucial difference! You don't notice the benefit of this difference until an emergency – without any electricity, our NEVERDARK safety lights shed a pleasant basic light.

NeverDark® globe lights can work for hours in zero power conditions like hurricanes, thunderstorms, blackouts and other emergencies. Using phosphorescent material and German engineering, NeverDark® is quickly becoming the preferred choice for architects and designers meeting both the needs for safety lighting requirements and beautiful contemporary design. When the power goes out, NeverDark® can illuminate stairwells, elevators, hallways, walkways, interiors and exteriors for hours without the need for an auxiliary emergency electrical system.

Combining Safety and Beauty

NeverDark® is a phosphorescent safety light available in full Globe or Hemisphere sphere shapes from 13 to 30 inches in diameter that can be mounted to any surface inside or outside. Appearing as a simple white globe in normal conditions, when the lights go out, NeverDark® begins to illuminate with a bright phosphorescent glow. Charged by natural daylight or interior ambient light, NeverDark® glows for hours. NeverDark® fixtures can be used as an attractive architectural feature or as landscape lighting to provide security and mark safe exit routes for homes, businesses, commercial and residential complexes, public areas, malls, college campuses and more.

NeverDark Emergency Lights are perfect for:

  • home owners

  • apartment and condominium residences

  • office complexes

  • hotels and resorts

  • college campuses

  • malls and shopping areas

  • municipal buildings

All Moonlights are available with this NEVERDARK safety feature.



  • Lights made of shatterproof PE material.

  • Waterproof, sturdy an UV resistant.

  • Withstands cold and heat from -40° to +80°C.

  • Vast range of colors due to exchangeable color filters.

  • Any Moonlight lamp can be transformed to an automatic light



Cleaning & Care 

Filter System



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