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Stone Look

Nature served as the model. While our Stone Look lights may hardly be distinguished from their original during the daytime, they radiate a uniquely pleasant atmosphere at night. Architects, planners and designers expressed great interest in the Stone Look series right from the beginning. 

The Stone Look series is available in four different stone types. Even unlit, it is an eye-catcher for your house, garden and yard.



  • Lights made of shatterproof PE material.

  • Waterproof, sturdy an UV resistant.

  • Withstands cold and heat from -40° to +80°C.

  • Vast range of colors due to exchangeable color filters.

  • Any Moonlight lamp can be transformed to an automatic light.



Cleaning & Care 

Filter System



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Light Granite: Day

Light Granite: Night

Dark Granite: Day

Dark Granite: Night

Sandstone: Day

Sandstone: Night

Terra Cotta: Day

Terra Cotta: Night

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